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GALION- As Chris Finnegan and his wife, Carla, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Aug. 26, they also continued to push a healthy lifestyle.

The two married in 1972 after Finnegan returned from Vietnam and immediately enjoyed a memorable eight days camping within Mt. Gilead State Park. During that time the two also developed a love for nature, too.

A self-trained nutritionist and herbalist, Finnegan likes to “use the earth organically” and stay healthy, often from a biblical perspective.

“My gardens are just loaded right now,” he said. “(We are) using the earth the way God intended; from one generation to the next it does not change. It does help keep you healthy, and it’s very rewarding to eat healthy.”

Finnegan ran his family’s organic farm for decades at Shelby Settlement, where he was raised, until it was sold about two years ago.

He loved the two-story log house on the property and drinking spring water from creeks, where he says the liquid is purest. Finnegan donated the log house to Col. Crawford High School in 2006, a move that still makes him proud today.

The Finnegan’s happily give fruits and vegetables away to anyone interested by leaving it outside their house. He also wrote a small book on healthy eating, and ran the comic strip “God’s Creation” about the topic throughout 2012 in the Inquirer.

The couple have spent 47 years at their current home along the Olentangy River near Heise Park and talk with people about food choices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finnegan still hunts and fishes for his food when possible. His favorite Americans include Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett and Chuck Norris.

The couple have four adult children and a proud family of military service.

In fact, there are five Finnegans across four generations with their images on patriotic banners throughout Uptowne Galion: Thomas (World War I), Gordon (WWII), Chris (Vietnam), and Andy and Tim (War on Terror).

Chris Finnegan promotes a healthy lifestyle. Finnegan promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Chris Finnegan is a self trained nutrionist and herbalist. Finnegan is a self trained nutrionist and herbalist.

Pictured here are some of the items from Finnegan’s gardens. here are some of the items from Finnegan’s gardens.
Promotes using earth organically

By A.J. Kaufman

For the Inquirer

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