Letter to the EditorDon’t buy the Green New Lie


Galion born and raised, and living in Crawford County most of my life, I have told all how fortunate I have been to have grown up with great values taught and shared by neighbors, the schools, the churches, and area businesses. My wife and I have invested in property and ran businesses here many years, and we now are enjoying retirement.

I was recently awakened to the activities of out of state company efforts to site an Industrial Wind Turbine Farm in Crawford County. Said Company and predecessors have been quietly signing leases for over 10 years with area farmers to site industrial turbines on farm land. The farmers, most of whom, do not live on the affected land, signed leases including nondisclosure or gag orders preventing them from discussing same.

Having seen a few NO WIND TURBINE signs, I spent a few hours researching same on the crawfordantiwind.com website, attended an informational meeting, and I learned that the proposed APEX Energy Honey Creek Wind project is not a good fit for Crawford County. There are many negative effects of same, and there have been deceptive practices in the promotion of same.

It is important that the citizens of Crawford County understand that industrial wind farm energy is NOT A FARM, NOT RELIABLE, NOT CHEAP, NOT QUIET, NOT FRIENDLY, NOT GREEN!

Learn more ate Galion Public Informational Meeting September 8, at Polk Twp. Hall, 7860 SR 309, Galion, doors open at 6 p.m., speakers starting at 6:30 p.m. (Facility capacity of 150).

Meeting presentations of factual information and perspective to the significantly negative impact on all citizens of Crawford County, so that they, then, can make a sound and informed VOTE on November .

Steve Kump

Galion, Ohio

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