As the General Manager of the Galion Inquirer, I have been faced with many difficult decisions to ensure a quality product and ensuring its economic success. While costs for what we need daily in our personal lives continue to rise, so does the cost of doing business. We, as an industry, are being faced with higher costs for ink, paper and delivery.

As a result, we feel it is necessary to temporarily suspend the Saturday editions of the Galion Inquirer. In a market our size it is a challenge to continue to publish twice a week and remain successful under the current economic conditions. Our intent is to deliver more news in our Wednesday publication and offer our advertisers more benefit with longer shelf life. We will continue daily updates on our website at with breaking news, obituaries and sports, bringing you this information seven days a week online. It is our obligation to the Galion community to be the news source, and that will not change.

Effective with today’s issue, June 11, 2022, we will cease publishing on Saturdays until we see a rebound in both the economy and community. The Galion Inquirer will continue to publish once a week on Wednesdays.

Ultimately, our intent is to deliver a better product on Wednesdays each week, bringing Galion-area residents local news about Galion and the surrounding area. We appreciate your continuing support of the Inquirer and ask that you share any local news, activities and events at

Vicki Taylor, General Manager

Galion Inquirer and Morrow County Sentinel