Finding My Way: Minnesota to Galion


About two months ago, I relocated to Galion from a mid-size city in Minnesota. Having already lived in nine states during my life, I am familiar with moving to a new community; however, most the places I have resided have been in or around larger cities, so there was some trepidation coming to a smaller town where I did not know a soul.

Beginning to work with the Inquirer has certainly helped me learn the new terrain, its citizens, and understand what makes this region important and special to the state and country.

I’m familiar with Ohio overall, having resided here in 2006-7 and frequently visiting family as a child, but mostly in the Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton areas. Traveling the back roads, enjoying the open spaces, and talking with regular folks, seeing their patriotism, humility, and deep knowledge of the important issues to this town and county has been impressive.

I look forward to speaking with many more of you this summer to understand what makes a small, historic town in the Buckeye State so special, especially in an era where the urban-rural divide seems a cultural chasm that grows indeterminately every year.

Thank you again for your cooperation, and please continue to let me and the staff share your stories and disseminate as much information as possible, so that Galion and the surrounding locales can continue to flourish and serve their crucial role.

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A.J. Kaufman Kaufman

By A.J. Kaufman

For the Inquirer

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