May 23

A male was stopped on North Liberty street. The subject was cited for driving under suspension and given a warning for Fictitious plates.

A female was stopped on Harding Way East, where she was cited for expired tags and license.

Police pulled a vehicle over on North Market Street. The male subject was cited for speeding.

Police arrived to a report of a woman slumped over a wheel on South Washington Street. The woman fell asleep waiting on her grandson’s bus.

A student reported they were raped by another student on North Liberty Street. Information was taken for a report.

A caller from Edward Street reported that someone was leaving spinning tire marks in their yard. Police provided extra patrol in the area.

There was a report made on Gill Avenue of a woman hitting a parked car.

May 24

A missing adult male was reported missing in the area of South Pierce Street. The male returned home, information was taken for a report.

Galion High School reported a student took a video of himself doing drugs, and threatened another student.

A female was cited for speeding on South Boston Street.

Galion Primary School reported that a student was suicidal. The student was taken to the hospital, his dad met him there.

There was a report made of breaking and entering on Libby Lane. Information was taken for a report after police found a door kicked in.

A female was arrested after a report was made she was threatening her grandmother on Harding Way East.

A male was arrested on South Boston Street for disorderly conduct. The male got out of his car drunk, fell down on the sidewalk, according to the report.

May 25

A grandmother called for an ambulance after her 21 year old grandson could not breathe. Alcohol was involved.

There was a reckless driver reported on Harding Way East.

Police arrived to a complaint of a couple arguing in a downstairs apartment on South Market Street.

Moto Mart reported they have video of a shoplifter from a previous night.

May 26

A report was made for stolen gas from Bell Stores. The report says that over $72 dollars was stolen.

Officers arrived to a report that a woman was rear ended on Portland Way North. Come to find out there was three to four cars involved.

There was an attempted suicide on Harding Way East. Caller stated thier mother took a handful of Tylenol.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.

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