May 18

A male and female were reported screaming at each other on Harding Way East. The subject was given a warning by officers.

There was a report made of shots fired on Railroad Street in Polk Township. Officers sat in the area a while, no shots were heard.

Galion Middle School reported an unruly student. An officer had a discussion with the student about his actions.

A male was given a citation for not keeping safe distance after an accident. The car was rear ended on State Route 309.

Several people were arrested for underage consumption at Amanns Reservoir.

A caller reported a female truck driver laying on horn at people. Officers gave the driver a disorderly conduct warning.

May 19

A party reported a theft, as they hired a man to do work, and payed him in advance. The work was never done, this incident took place on Kroft Street.

Information was gathered after a child escaped a house on Sherry Lane. The mother was using the restroom when this happened.

A male was harassing people at Buehler’s to sign for windmills to be placed. The subject left before police arrived.

There was a catalytic converter reported stole off a vehicle on South Boston Street.

A woman was cited for disorderly conduct on Harding Way East. Report says she was arguing and carrying on with her sister.

A reckless driver was reported on State Route 309 for going over the lines multiple times. When officers pulled the vehicle over, the driver advised he was looking at his GPS. He was warned.

A caller reported a drunk man causing issues on Kroft Street. The male was given a disorderly conduct warning and was told he would be arrested if police had to return.

A driver on First Ave/Dawsett was stopped with suspicious tags. He was advised to keep a bill of sale in the vehicle.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.

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