2022 Galion-Crestline Chamber Awards


CRESTLINE — Galion-Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce 2022 Awards recipients pose for a group photo after the ceremony on Tuesday, May 3 at The Hub in Crestline.

Awards presented in the photos include:

Professional of the Year Award winner Mike Kirk, director of the Galion Public Library, receives his award from GCACC Executive Director Miranda Jones.

Galion City Council member Kara Ault receives the Young Professional of the Year Award from Jones.

Jones has a jovial moment with Galion Center YMCA representatives Susan van der Maas, Cindy Bays, and Andee Wildenthaler. The Y’s Daycare Center was honored as Organization of the Year.

GCACC Board Chair Kim Winkle presents Pastor Ash Welch of St. Paul’s Methodist Church with the Chamber Volunteer Award.

Galion Mayor Tom O’Leary (right) looks on as George Wisener of Beuhler’s Fresh Foods applauds the Buehler’s staff. O’Leary honored Galion’s new grocery store with the Mayor’s Award.

The Hub at Village Square earned the Business of the Year Award for 2022. Here, Hub owners Alyssa Huss and Vanessa Bell accept the award from Winkle.

Carl Watt was honored with the Executive Committee Award, presented to him by GCACC past president Erik Flick.

Logan Kirk and Mike Dostal accept the Chamber Chair Award from Winkle, on behalf of Dostal & Kirk Insurance and Financial Services.

Flick presents the award for Retail Business of the Year to Crystal Ebner of Three Bean Coffee House.

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