First Crestline depot burns


Mansfield Herald, Nov. 21, 1861

Another Fire — The Station House at Crestline Burned Down. —About half past 12 o’clock on Friday afternoon, the station house of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railroad Co., at Crestline, took fire in the mail or baggage room, and in less than an hour all the buidings, including passenger station, freight and business office and gas house, were all destroyed. Nearly all the books and papers of the company were saved.

The loss is not heavy, as the buildings were of little value. They will be replaced, as soon as possible, by other more substantial and better fitter for their respectie name.

The loss of P.F.W.&C. R.R. is about $15,000.

Note: On July 26, 1856 the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rail Road was formed as a consolidation of the Fort Wayne and Chicago, Ohio and Indiana, and Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroads.

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