“Behemoths,” Wind turbines too much


Open Letter to the Editor

No, I’m not a BULLY. I’m someone that lives here in rural Crawford County and I’ve lived here my whole life. My family farmed, along with my husband’s family through generations. And, yes. I have a voice and right to to stand up for myself and countless others that happily reside here and do not want to lose their rural home life.

Residents stand to lose their home life, livelihood and well-being, and rights. Out of state APEX is proposing 60-144 654 feet tall Industrial Wind Turbines in Crawford County. They will be taller than the Archway in Missouri! This is not a fit in our heavily, residential rural agricultural setting. These behemoths will take acres of land for just putting one of the 60-144 turbines in our land. By doing so, will tear up ground, tilling land and upset our water tables and ruin our viable wells. Also, they will tear up our roads, ruin our landscape and tear up good forests. Do you really want Industrial salesman with billions of government dollars telling us what we have to do in our peaceful, solid community?

So much more will be lost if this happens….lower property value, loss of community growth, loss of Bald Eagles that are thriving and nesting right here in Crawford County! We will be an Industrial wasteland with higher electric bills and NO benefits from this mess.

No. Not bullying. Just being a good steward of our land. Thank you for listening.

Kay Weisenauer

Concerned citizens of Crawford County

Bloomville, OH

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