Why does a healthcare facility promote unhealthy lifestyles?


A table of transgender pamphlets greeted me in the hospital lobby. In addition, my hospital email contains regular doses of information about deviant lifestyles.

Looking on the internet I see a 40% suicide rate for transgender people. (some rates higher, some rates lower, it depends on the site). The rate carries through cultures and countries so it is not merely from external pressure. The internal confusion will not go away by promoting it. I am not against information, but place it in Human Resources where it belongs.

Are you familiar with Transgender Story Hour at public libraries for preschoolers? In Houston, the library featured a convicted child molester at their Drag Queen Story Hour. The creator of Drag Queen Story Hour admitted it was for “grooming” children.

Grooming is a term used to indicate they are preparing a child for molestation.

We are here to care for people. In 40 years, I have never needed to ask which pronoun to use or what patients do in the privacy of their homes. I am here to give compassionate care to everyone, regardless.

The same folks who loudly declared “follow the science” concerning mask mandates now tell me that men can give birth and menstruate.

People show up with rainbows on their nametags. So, if I put a religious button on my name tag would I be asked to remove it? What happened to the Bibles in patient care rooms?

Social engineering does not belong in the hospital lobby.

Where are the leaders with enough backbone to speak up?

Suanne Hill


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