OSU football: Ewers, Stover, McCall hope to make impact


Fall camp is in full-go mode for Ohio State and there are just a few weeks until the Buckeyes travel to take on Minnesota in the season opener. There have been some interesting notes out of camp so far, from the quarterbacks to those protecting them and even a position change.

Does Quinn Ewers arriving change much?

Ohio State has a quarterback room coaches dream about in terms of talent. It may not be all that good of a problem to have, though, when you factor in that only one guy is going to play. That guy looks to currently be CJ Stroud, a redshirt freshman.

Quinn Ewers is the top overall commit that the Buckeyes have ever landed in recruiting databases. Now that he is arriving in Columbus early after bypassing his senior year, it has made an interesting quarterback competition even more skeptical. However, time is not working in the freshman’s favor.

The likelihood of Ewers starting the season is next to none due to the fact he has to learn the playbook, get acclimated to college, and build some chemistry with the offense. There is just not time in three weeks to do all of that. Only hope for Ewers to do so is he instantly comes in and wins over his coaches with pure talent, even then Ryan Day and company are smart enough to know he is not ready for other reasons.

Coming to Ohio State a year early is going to let a player like Ewers — who is very popular — to absolutely cash in. Texas high schools don’t allow students to profit off name and likeness. Ewers is already profiting off the two and will continue to do so throughout his college career, likely at a large amount. This year will help Ewers prepare for being the starter down the road. As long as Stroud performs up to expectations if he’s the starting quarterback, then there should be no rush with Ewers.

Cade Stover: impact player

Stover, the Lexington product, is in line to have a nice role at tight end with the Buckeyes this summer. During his time with the Minutemen, Stover was a do-it-all force. Recruited as a linebacker by Ohio State, Stover never saw a real role there.

In search of playing time, Stover finds himself in the tight end room because it just fits his nature. A physical player with a strong frame, the tight end position just makes so much sense. Stover will fight for the position behind Jeremy Ruckert, who has surefire NFL potential.

Day sees potential in Stover that could really help this team.

“He had a really good summer. We need him to replace Luke (Farrell); that’s really what we’re looking for,” Day recently told media.

Farrell is off to chase NFL hopes and was a tight end option for Ohio State over the last few years. He was an important blocker, too. The position change makes a ton of sense for Stover. He will have the chance to be physical in his blocking and should get a few touches as well.

Demario McCall at cornerback

Coming out of high school, McCall was one of the more higher-rated prospects in the entire country. A top 50 prospect and the second-ranked all-purpose back according to 247 Sports, recruiting experts were very high on him. McCall had double-digit offers and eventually chose the Buckeyes, but his career has just not come together since then.

McCall was around the same time that J.K. Dobbins was for a few years, so snaps were not easy to come about. In fact, as a freshman he saw his best season with over 350 total yards, since then he hasn’t topped 200 yards in a season. Health factors in as do crowded position groups.

McCall is taking advantage of the extra year given and already redshirted once. It is not often you see sixth-year seniors, McCall is one of them. Ohio State’s running back room has a ton of talent whether it is Master Teague and Miyan William or stud freshman Treyveon Henderson and Evan Pryor. Making the switch to cornerback may just be what McCall needed as the wide receiver room is even more packed.

McCall has speed that is going to help him on the the defensive side off the ball, undoubtedly. Even his coaches are commenting on his technique, which has stood out. At 5-feet-9 inches tall, it is likely McCall sees more time as a slot corner than anywhere else. It is still early in camp, but the Buckeyes could use a corner who steps up since the position is filled with uncertainty. In maybe his last chance in scarlet and gray, that guy could be Demario McCall.


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