A letter to patriots, about the swamp


A letter to patriots, about the swamp

To all who are interested in the truth about the Ukraine, “OAN — One American News — and Chanel Rion have completed parts I, II and III of “Reveal: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case.” And there is more to come.

This is about the Biden and Democrat involvement with the Ukraine. It is very clear and factual — with more than sufficient evidence — of the criminal wrongdoing of the liberal anti-American deep state in the ongoing corruption and lies and cover-up. The swamp points at President Trump and wrongfully accuses him of doing what they actually have done and are doing as they lie and move toward impeachment.

They are not part of the swamp. It is more of a cesspool. There is cause and evidence to remove them from office and to send many of them to jail. Many have committed treason as they tried to commit a coup against the duly elected president of the United States.

Enough said. Go find OAN on the TV or the internet. It will knock your socks off. There is so much truth about their evil corruption!

Spread the word. “God Bless America.”

Jim Erwin



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