MOESC hosting CHAMPS Positive Behavior Support Series


MANSFIELD — Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center will host a new positive behavior support series taking place November through March. Participants will learn strategies that will help educators clarify their vision of student expectations, increase classroom organization, directly teach behavioral expectations, increase student motivation, monitor behavior in the classroom, and respond consistently and productively to misbehavior using class-wide strategies that increase student responsibility. The professional development series is designed using the book, CHAMPS: a Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management, and is split into two separate learning courses, K through 8th grade and high school.

CHAMPS is an acronym meaning:

  • Conversation: May students converse during this activity? About What? With whom? For how long?
  • Help: How do students get your attention? How do students get questions answered? What do they do while they wait for you?
  • Activity: What is the expected end product of the activity? What is the task or objective?
  • Movement: For what reasons may students get out of their seats? Do they need to ask permission?
  • Participation: What behavior shows students are participating or not participating?
  • Success: If students are following the CHAMPS method they will be successful.

Jen Crum, MOESC Director of Student Services, is excited about what this program offers.

“Districts are requesting professional development and strategies to support behavioral needs at the classroom level. I am pleased that Mid-Ohio has and continues to offer evidence-based behavior frameworks such as Positive Behavior Intervention and Support trainings, like CHAMPS.”

Ang Fetter, a special education consultant, will be the presenter. She specializes in professional development that promotes positive behavioral outcomes for children and youth. With over 10 years of experience serving students, families, and communities impacted by high poverty and its traumatic effects, Fetter brings an authentic, real-life appreciation of the relentless challenges faced by educators within today’s difficult learning environments.

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