Ohio trying to upgrade its Notary Public system


COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose launched a new system this week to modernize the way we notarize in Ohio.

For years, Ohio has maintained a notary commissioning system that has allowed all 88 counties to institute their own licensing and skill requirements for their Notaries Public. Under the new, streamlined system, individuals interested in obtaining a notary public commission will apply for and renew their commission directly through the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

Additionally, Ohio will begin allowing for online notarization, which provides Ohioans the opportunity to have a document notarized while out of state or overseas. For example, if a servicewoman is seeking the opportunity to obtain a notarization of a mortgage document, she won’t have to wait until she returns from deployment.

Electronic notarization will also be implemented, providing the ability to notarize digital documents for the first time.

“Ohio is just the sixth state to allow for online notarization,” said LaRose. “That innovation, along with our additional modernizations, is another feather in Ohio’s cap as we work to make our state a great place for business to thrive so that Ohio families can proposer!”

The new state notary portal can be found by clicking here.

Notary Public Commission facts:

  • This process eliminates 88 counties from working in silos.
  • Requires non-attorney applicants to file a criminal records check, complete three hours of education, and pass a test for a new notary public commission.
  • Requires non-attorney applicants to submit a criminal record check and complete a one-hour education course for a renewal of a notary public commission.
  • Requires attorneys to complete a three-hour class to receive their notary public commission. As has been the law, these commissions do not expire.
  • Permits electronic notarization in Ohio for anyone commissioned as a notary public to begin on September 20th. An electronic notarization is an in-person notarization of a signature on a digital document – this requires the use of an electronic signature and an electronic seal.
  • Permits online notarization in Ohio which can be performed by a resident of Ohio who is commissioned as a notary public and authorized by the Secretary of State’s office to perform online authorizations.

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