Richand SWCD announces cover crop cost share program


MANSFIELD — Richland Soil and Water Conservation District (Richland SWCD) is partnering with the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District on a grant program for producers who plant cover crops. Last year, the grant program assisted in getting cover crops on over 349.42 acres of Richland County farmland and resulted in 74 tons of soil from eroding into our streams, kept 98 pounds of phosphorous on the land and 195 pounds of nitrogen out of waterways.

The 2019 cost-share rate is $12.00 per acre for returning applicants and $15.00 per acre for new applicants. Interested applicants must apply through Richland SWCD by June 4. Producers in the Rocky Fork, Black Fork, and Clear Fork watersheds are eligible.

Applications will go through a scoring process to see which fields are the most eligible. The goal is to get winter cover on fields with low residue, such as corn silage and soybeans. Therefore, low residue fields will score higher.

Some of the benefits of planting cover crops include reducing soil erosion and runoff, increasing rainfall and snow melt infiltration into the soil and increasing soil quality.

Additional information may be found at or by contacting Matt at 419-747-8687 or at [email protected].

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