Vote for candidates who support tax cuts


Vote for candidates who support tax cuts

It’s undeniable that our economy is booming. In July alone, Ohio added 7,600 jobs. Ohio has more than 945,000 small businesses, and with the new tax relief measures, many of these businesses have offered bonuses and used the financial relief to reinvest in their community.

However, these good times are not guaranteed to last because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is set to expire in 2025. Luckily, Tax Cuts 2.0 has already been proposed in Congress and will make many of the tax cut measures that apply to small businesses and individuals permanent.

With less than 50 days until the midterm elections, it’s time for Ohioans to start thinking about who they will vote for in November. Voting for candidates who will support a second round of tax cuts — thereby supporting small business owners and workers — is one way voters can support their community this November.

Thomas Zaino

Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC, Blacklick, Ohio

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