Column: Mom’s break is just beginning


Back to school.

Three little words that are music to my ears this time of year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids dearly.

But wow. The reason teachers look forward to summer is the exact same reason I look forward to fall.

I need a break!

Before you consider me heartless, let me explain.

I have been extremely blessed. In the years since my three children were born I have been able to be a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years. As a result, I haven’t missed many of their milestones.

I saw their first steps, their dance practices and recitals, their baseball games, basketball games and more.

As I said, I have been blessed. I wouldn’t trade those years or experiences for anything.

I’m very thankful for my time at home to raise my kids. I know many other moms would love to be able to do the same, and aren’t able to do so.

As the kids got a little older, I returned to work on a part-time basis for a few years, so I could still be home as much as possible.

That was another blessing.

When school lets out in the Spring, I look forward to the reprieve from the alarm clock, drop-off lines, campus wear headaches and homework struggles.

We enjoy our summer months away from school.

We are busy with the kids’ sports and their friends, but we also take time to be lazy and enjoy a very relaxed schedule. Sleeping in and staying up late to run around in the dark with the neighbor kids are a must.

But now, two of my three kids are teenagers.

Enough said.

When I go to work and receive texts from them about how: “She rolled her eyes at me” And then another text that says: “He wont move over so I can sit on the couch,” even though we have a sectional couch that could easily seat eight people, I know its time for school to start.

The name-calling and petty arguments are a signal that they are sick of each other, and no matter how busy I try to keep them, they are bored.

School isn’t a babysitter for me, it’s structure.

Its a schedule that keeps my children moving and learning in a different way than I can manage at home.

Teachers provide not just education, but also more guidance and parenting than some kids receive at home. Being a difficult job. Not only are they educating students, but in many instances, raising them as well.

I don’t take for granted the educators that take my place for six or seven hours each day.

I also don’t stand outside the classroom or school building and cry when I drop them off to start a new year.

Do I miss them while they’re gone?


A little.

But they come home every day, thank goodness. And the circus of life continues at our house as soon as they walk in the door.

Yes, one day they will be gone and that day is coming sooner, rather than later.

But I will embrace that step in life as I have all of the others.

Just like the cycle of the school year, life changes, too.

Thankfully, I adapt well.

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