Clinger’s Corner: Vents aren’t just for air conditioning


Alright, so…If you can recall, for our Wednesday edition of the Galion Inquirer I had a Clinger’s Corner that focused on a way to escape and a way that, personally, helps me to remain positive in the most negative of situations. But, what is one to do when the drum beat and the guitar riffs just aren’t enough?

In this edition of my weekly Clinger’s Corner, I have some things that I just need to let out. I apologize in advance for the negativity and hope that it doesn’t effect anyone in any way.

I want to start off by saying that Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25th and 26th, were wonderful days! If you read this column on a regular basis, you already know that Thursday was my 33rd birthday. Anyways, on Wednesday my best friend Rachel and I headed up to the Glass City a.k.a. Toledo, Ohio to attend a concert of one of my favorite bands, The Menzingers. By no fault but my own, any time that The Menzingers have been to Ohio recently, I have missed them and was excited at the chance to finally see them. The venue was small and lacked airflow but the crowd was into it, the band was into and I had a blast of a time saying goodbye to the last few hours of 32. On my birthday, we ventured up to Lake Erie and took a little dip, made our way to Cheese Haven for some delicious popcorn and cheese and then headed back to Columbus so that I could load up and head back to my “home” in Crestline.

Unfortunately, this is where the positivity ends and the ranting and negative raving begins.

First I must point out, that if you know me on a personal level or if you pay attention to my weekly ramblings, then you know that my Booga and Quinny-man are soon moving to the state of Illinois. That is all going down in about two weeks, give or take a few days. If that wasn’t enough of a bummer, I am soon to be without a home. I have no problem shedding my skin on here, in person or wherever so…here’s some more dirty laundry.

Upon arriving back in Columbus, laughter abundant and the thought of heading back to “reality” looming overhead, I noticed that my vehicle was no longer parked in the spot that I always park it in when I visit. It was not stolen yet it was repossessed. I have not currently, or in the past, been the best at allocating my money. Things have not been the same since my divorce. When people, including myself, hear the term “repo”, the thought of “you’re broke and pathetic” kicks in. Maybe this is the case or whatever have you but, SERIOUSLY?! How did they even find it down here but were unable to come to my house and get it? How is it that I never even received a call to come out and get my personal belongings out of said vehicle. Just poof and gone…and now what? Frustrating to say the least and what’s even worse is that this, of all the other wreckage that my life seems to produce lately, was under my control.

And here I am, venting to you the reader. I appreciate you reading and for giving me an outlet to all of this, I genuinely do. Sometimes in this world, it can get more than difficult trying to keep your sanity and I am staring that point in its’ ugly face. I don’t want anyone to take sympathy on me, I simply just needed to get this all out. I would ask that if anyone knows of a place for rent or an at least somewhat reliable car for sale, please contact me. You can email me, call me, find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. I know that this is not the most common of ways to approach the situations that I am in but nonetheless, it’s off my chest.

As always, thanks for reading! I will continue to bring the sports updates, previews and shenanigans to all of the readers and the sun will shine again…


By Chad Clinger

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