Column: OJ’s being freed, but his prison days are not over


Some things, you have to accept.

A Nevada parole board agreed to grant OJ Simpson parole after a hearing Thursday afternoon in Nevada.

After serving nine years of a 33-year-sentence, Simpson could be freed as early as Oct. 1.

And then?

He’s a free man.

But guess what?

He’ll be back.

OJ Simpson is too conceited to change. There is no — zero, nada, zilch — doubt in my mind the conditions of his parole are going to be violated.

And then, it will be up to the next judge to throw Simpson back in prison … to serve the other 24 years of the crimes he was convicted of.

I hate the fact Simpson is getting out of prison.

On June 12, 1994, he practically beheaded Nicole Simpson, his 35-year-old wife; and stabbed and murdered Ron Goldman. He killed them with his bare hands.

And, he got away with it.

Simpson never served a day in prison for that crime after that trial ended.

He has as good as bragged about the murder since being acquitted Oct. 3, 1995.

And then, emboldened by the the fact he got away with murder (two of them), Simpson did something else stupid.

He broke into a Las Vegas hotel room, held hostage those inside and stole memorabilia he said belonged to him … at gun-point.

For the 2007 crime — that included charges of kidnapping and armed robbery — he was found guilty and sentenced to prison for up to 33 years in prison.

It wasn’t as good as life in prison, but it was something for us convinced he’d already gotten away with two brutal murders.

But for that robbery and kidnapping, Simpson has done his time. The 70-year-old former football player paid his price, and according to every legal expert I listened to Thursday evening, being granted parole was not much of a surprise.

He did what was expected of him in prison. For the most part, he followed the rules. And if Simpson was expected to be treated as other prisoners — and he should be — in the California penal system, he should have been granted parole.

If I were a member of that parole board, I would have done the same.

But I would have choked on my own vomit as I did it.

Unfortunately, the stupid thing he did in 2007 and was convicted of — had no bearing and should not have had any bearing — on the stupid, horrific crimes he got away with in 1994.

I won’t rehash his acquittal in the 1994 murders. My feelings are already evident.

But as much as I hate and detest OJ Simpson’s arrogance, that cocky attitude may be the silver lining for those of us who don’t think he should ever get out of prison.

Judging from the smirking and snarky comments made by Simpson following his parole hearing, it appears he has not learned anything from his time in prison.

He is the same arrogant, entitled, unapologetic scumbag today that he was June 12, 1994.

There is no humility in this man.

Not one single drop.

And to me, that means he is too stupid and too cocky to stay out of trouble.

He was warned by the four-person parole board that any violation of the conditions of his parole will be met with severe consequences.

And then?

It will be up to the next judge in Simpson’s life to put him behind bars to serve the other 24 years of his prison term.

By then — if he is still alive — maybe he will have changed.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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