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Let’s start with me being completely honest…I had no idea what one or two ideas I wanted to touch upon with this, your favorite part of the Galion Inquirer. So, I made the decision to aptly title this week’s edition: All over the place. If we are going to continue to swim through honest waters together and you actually read this column every week, you are well aware that I am typically, all over the place.

Without further ado, let’s get this directionless show on the road!

Traffic, am I right?!

It is such a peculiar thing how different areas handle traffic in different ways. I have lived up in the Cleveland area and I have lived in the Columbus area and I must say, I prefer the Cleveland traffic, even though they are both awful. I mean, have you ever tried to drive in the Capital when it is raining or snowing? The right lane of a four-lane highway is going 30 while the fast lane is going, what appears to be, warp speed. And then the traffic jams? I was in about 100 of them on Friday down there and what caused them? Not an accident, not someone pulled over that everyone drives super slow by to be nosy but just sheer lack of surroundings and understanding. While I could go on and on forever about the things that induce me into a road rage fit, I will leave the whole traffic thing alone with a simple thought: Use your turn signal folks and don’t tap your brakes, just please, slow down. If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

Now that I’ve grilled you with my traffic concerns, let’s chat cookouts (see what I did there?)…

If you are reading this then it is, at least, the day after Independence Day and who doesn’t love celebrating ‘Merica with some grilled food and a cold beverage? Also, I do remember asking everyone to invite me to cookouts and I still haven’t received a phone call, an email, a text…nothing. Since we’re jumping all over the place, have you watched the videos where people hire guys to come to cookouts and pretend to be dads, uncles, whatever to someone in attendance? Maybe I should do that…You pay me, I come to your cookout, eat, drink and be merry and pretend to be a college buddy, a boyfriend, third cousin, whatever. Or maybe you don’t pay me and I just come over for a cookout, make a nice cole slaw and drink Diet Cokes with your grandmother? Think about it and get back to me, okay?

Are you bored and/or entertained yet?

So, the National Basketball League’s free agency period has started and have you heard the big news?! Paul George is headed to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chris Paul is headed to the Houston Rockets. That’s strange, George, formerly of the Indiana Pacers couldn’t get anywhere in the Eastern Conference because of the Cavs ruling the league. So, he’s traded for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis and probably like a case of Heineken to go to the Western Conference, join reigning MVP Russell Westbrook so that they can continue to lose to the Golden State Warriors? Paul departs the Los Angeles Clippers and heads for the Rockets where he will join up with “The Beard” in a star-studded backcourt. Anyone else see a problem here? Technically, they are both point gaurds, even thought a PG doesn’t seem to exist in the Association anymore. Furthermore, they are in the Western Conference and so is Golden State…good luck CP3; you couldn’t get anywhere with the Clippers and there is nothing easier than staying the path in a different uniform. What else? Oh yeah, Steph Curry signed a contract extention for an insane amount of money and no one is shocked. Curry, the (baby)face of the Warriors franchise has made quite the impact in Oakland and, love him or hate him, dude can hoop. His deal, a supermax contract, is worth $201 million over five years. This amount makes him the highest paid player across the four major sports. Four? Basketball, baseball, football and hockey? Soccer? Race car driving? Whatever, when Joe Lacob purchased the team, he did so for a steal at $450 million and now the Warriors are worth $2.6 billion. That is some serious cheddar everyone. Cheddar is good on burgers or in macaroni and cheese…thinking about my cookout idea yet?

Anyways everyone, I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday! With it now being July, that means that you are running out of time to catch a Galion Graders game. Side note: have you tried the hot dogs at the concession stand?! My goodness they are delicious. If you are able to make it out to a game, and you should, come say hello. If you are unsure which bearded guy in jorts I am, just look for the good looking gentleman taking up too much room on the first row of the third base side bleachers.

Chad Clinger

Galion Inquirer

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