New scholarship endowment at North Central State College


MANSFIELD — The 40 & 8 presented North Central State College with a new $25,000 scholarship endowment May 1. The scholarship endowment will go to a nursing student at NC State College who is a veteran or family member of a veteran.

Originally part of the American Legion, the 40 & 8 was named for the box car of the French Railways. During World War I, American ground troops were transported to the battle front on French trains with boxcars stenciled with 40/8, denoting their capacity to hold either 40 men or eight horses. This was chosen as the symbolic representation of the organization.

“The 40 & 8 have supported nursing training since the 1940’s,” said Patricia James-Hasser, a 40 & 8 member, and U.S. Army veteran. “The scholarship endowment is to show our support for veterans and their family members in search of a degree in nursing.”

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