Galion Primary School team shares its success


GALION — Three staff members from Galion Primary School presented the building’s new teaching methodology for reading assessment and targeted interventions during the Ohio Association of Administrators of State and Federal Education Program in Columbus last week.

Galion Primary School principal Cindy Voss, special education teacher Ashlee Cuttitta, and Title I reading specialist Jenny Jackson shared information about the school’s demographics; what they did before they started utilizing the Step By Step Learning evidenced-based, data-driven process; differences in the instructional techniques that benefit all children and how staff differentiate the instructional needs of every child.

“We prepared the team from Galion Primary School for this opportunity to present at a state-wide conference of educators how they measure and manage the success for reading in their building,” said Step By Step Learning, LLC President Mark Grabartis. “The team shared the processes that were in place in prior years and the academic results that occurred with a contrast to recent times when teaching routines were modified and how the academic results have dramatically increased.”

According to data collected by the school, reading scores for students in kindergarten through second grade have increased 25 percent since the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

“I am incredibly proud of the Primary School staff for the way they have embraced change and adopted the new teaching methods and processes they are learning from the Step by Step Learning team,” said Galion Superintendent Jim Grubbs. “Their willingness to embrace change has greatly benefited students this school year, and we expect to see our reading scores continue to improve with the help of the Step by Step Learning team.”

The team’s presentation also included sharing videos of their teaching practices in action. The presentation concluded with a summary of academic progress and a Question and Answer session.

“We are committed to helping every student — preschool through graduation — achieve their maximum potential for success,” said Grubbs. “Learning to read in the early years is critical to the future success of our students, and the Step By Step Learning system and processes are helping our teachers help our students improve their reading abilities.”

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