Clinger’s Corner: Is he the GOAT?


The football season is now officially over. And what a wonderful ending! As I watched the game with my little ones, still overjoyed that Alabama didn’t win the National Championship, I couldn’t help but completely get into what I was witnessing. But, I am getting ahead of myself a bit. Just a heads up, this version of Clinger’s Corner is going to be strickly football and I will start with the year-end awards.

Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys won the Associated Press Coach of the Year Award. Did he earn it? Possibly…the players that the Cowboys suited up this season made him look like a better coach than what I believe he is.

Defensive Rookie of the Year Award went to Joey Bosa of the San Diego Chargers. Remember when he played for The Ohio State University? Remember when he almost didn’t sign a contract this year? I didn’t really follow his work but congratulations Mr. Bosa.

Dax Prescott of the Cowboys was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. I was happy to not have to watch Tony Romo this season and what Dax did was impressive but I think that ‘Zeke’ should’ve won personally.

The Green Bay Packers saw the resurgance of Jordy Nelson this year and it propelled him to winning the Comeback Player of the Year. I like Nelson and he deserves the accolades.

Khalil Mack of the Oakland or Las Vegas or whatever Raiders was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Matt Ryan, you know, the losing quarterback in the Super Bowl that forgot to show up throughout most of the game, took home the award for Offensive Player of the Year. Ryan threw for what seems like a million yards and deserved the win. Ryan also was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. Of the now six players to be named MVP that followed it with a Super Bowl appearance, none have won the big game…still.

Last, but certainly not least, the Hall of Fame Class of 2017 was announced. I feel that I am getting old because I remember watching each and every player that is set to be enshrined in Canton. The list is as follows: LaDainian Tomlinson, Morten Anderson, Jason Taylor, Kenny Easley, Jerry Jones, Terrell Davis and the mighty Kurt Warner…congratulations gentlemen!


I simply could not say enough about the happenings on Sunday night! You may have watched just for the commercials or only tuned in at halftime to watch the always electric Lady Gaga and if you did, shame on you!

Super Bowl LI was the greatest Super Bowl in the history of all things football!

Just in case you may be unaware, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons by a final score of 34-28, in OVERTIME! The first Super Bowl to ever have an overtime period. How did the Patriots become the Champions of the League? Well…

The first quarter of the game was terrible! Lackluster and zero scoring can usually deter one from sticking around, especially if that are not a fan of one of the teams involved. I wasn’t going anywhere though because my girlfriend is a Pats fan and although we couldn’t watch together, we watched together.

Atlanta jumped out in a big way in the second quarter, scoring 14 points off of New England miscues and a touchdown of their own accord. The Patriots kicked a lousy field goal and trailed the Falcons 21-3 at halftime.

Another relatively boring quarter in the third, the Patriots finally scored a touchdown but missed the extra point. Atlanta scored again and hit the extra point, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The fourth is when this game got really cookin’! Sidebar, no team had ever come back from a deficit larger than 10 points in the history of the Super Bowl…

Well, Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time, rallied the troops and were able to overcome a 19-point deficit to force the overtime period. Another sidebar, Tom Brady threw for 466 yards against the Falcons, completing 43/62 passes for two touchdowns.

With the momentum still at an all-time high from Julian Edelman’s catch of the year (seriously, YouTube it! incredible!), the New England Patriots marched the ball down the field in the OT to punch it in for a two-yard touchdown to steal away the Vince Lombardi trophy.

That was all just a brief description of the events that occurred. I messaged my girlfriend at 9:17 pm to inform her that things did not look good. She remained a true, positive fan and her team was able to rally for the win!

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have now won five Super Bowls together. That is the new record for most by a quarterback in NFL history and most head coaching wins in NFL history. Tom Brady was named the Super Bowl LI MVP. This is Brady’s fourth SB MVP, which, just like his five championships, beats out Joe Montana (Terry Bradshaw too for the rings) for most all-time.

I conclude with this thought. Will Tom Brady pull a Peyton Manning and walk away from the game?

By Chad Clinger

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