Letter: Country can’t survive a Hillary Clinton presidency


Country can’t survive a Hillary Clinton presidency

On Nov. 8 of this year, our nation is facing a huge decision that will affect our very existence. We have, for the past eight years, seen our nation disintegrate under the “leadership” of a Muslim, socialist president. We face even more of the same if Hillary Clinton is elected. I am sick of the news media hyping petty issues at the expense of what is really important and necessary to our very existence in the years to come.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican candidate, but he was overwhelmingly elected as the Republican party’s choice and I will support him unfailingly over the other alternative. Clinton represents more of the same socialist policies of the Obama administration, which are destroying our great country. The Obama administration, and Clinton’s plans, are both going to morph the U.S. into becoming a third world country. The lying and deceit of Hillary Clinton is more than this country can stand.

Our Congress is no better in performance of its duties, either — both Democrat and Republican. Our congress has no regard for our county’s well-being, only cementing their power base at our expense. They constantly enact laws that pertain only to us, and exempt themselves from being held to the same standards they are forcing upon us. It is past time for all of congress being required to follow any and all laws they are mandating for the entire nation.

The past eight years (and the threat of the next few years) have been a disaster. We have gone as far away as you can from the principles and tenets of our forefathers (and of God’s laws).Our youth are being educated (especially at the university level) by left wing socialists and don’t have the character to stand up for what is right. The Democrats are promising “free everything” including a free college education for everyone, never once explaining where they plan on getting the money to do so. We are just supposed to go along without question.

God help if us we once again repeat the mistake of the past 8 years.

Daniel A.Derfler

Galion, Ohio


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