Hey Caiti: What about men?


Men are different. Long before scientific studies, brain scan mapping, and surveys came into being, it was an accepted fact that men were different. But in our society today men are oftentimes treated like an animal that must be tamed, an animal that must be housebroken before it is allowed to spend any time inside the house.

Men are vulnerable because they have been left without any weapons to fight back with. If they raise their voices in protest of the treatment against them, they are considered too aggressive and a threat to everyone around them.

Why is it that more men than women commit suicide? Why is it that recent statistics indicate that four times as many teen boys commit suicide then teen girls?

Everyday men must fight an uphill battle to regain their identity as men and to convince themselves that they should find no shame in their masculinity.

But the fight has been rigged.

Special interest groups spew out propaganda that tells anyone listening that men are the reason women can’t get ahead in life. They tell us men are the reason our mothers, sisters, and daughters have low self-esteem and lack self-confidence.

There are even some mental health professionals who have jumped on the man-bashing bandwagon and are quick to tell us, and men, that men lack empathy, are too aggressive, are not sensitive enough, are unable to commit, and don’t know how to love.

Men know how to love. They do not have to be trained or tamed. Men can love with an intensity so bright it can be blinding. Ask the older man who tenderly cleans and washes the body of his wife with dementia if he knows how to love. Ask the husband who holds his wife through the night after she has suffered a loss if he knows how to love. Ask the grandfather who risks the loss of his job to stand at the side of his grandson’s hospital bed if he knows how to love. They may not know how to articulate to you what love is, but do not doubt for a moment that they do not know how to do it.

Men, women, and children are inundated on a daily basis with information depicting men as ignorant and worthless. Commercials show fathers who are helpless unless a child or woman give them help. Movies show men as either weak, dumb, or abusive. An animated sitcom shows a father in his underwear rubbing his backside in his daughter’s face. Sitcoms that show wives and children keeping secrets from the father because he is too stupid to understand the problem.

Politicians tell us that women, and our society, must be protected from men. Politicians say they can take better care of our families than men can.

Mental health officials and school officials tell us our boys are too out of control and need to be medicated so they can be better controlled.

The message we receive about men are nothing more than self-serving propaganda meant to destroy.

But why?

Perhaps because history tells us that to control a society, first men must be controlled. Because men will fight or die to protect what they love and that can be dangerous for anyone attempting to control a group.

Where are the clips about the majority of men in our society? Where are the news reports of the men who rush into a blazing fire to save a child? Where is the news report of the single father raising his child without a safety net because he is not afforded the same resources as a single mother?

One of the best books about men is “Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul” by John Eldredge. Every male thirteen years old and older should read this book. The author offers good insight as to why masculinity is being attacked in our culture.

We continually hear about how we can empower women. But what about the empowerment of men? Where are their support groups? Where are the government programs to help them succeed? Ultimately, we must ask the question; What about men?


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