Galion and Bucyrus Police reports-Sept. 28


Galion Police

Sept. 27

6:06 a.m.-A resident reported that three clowns were walking down the street in the Union Street area.

10:57 a.m.-A Henry Street resident reported credit card fraud.

1:54 p.m.-A Samsung phone in a blue case was found in the parking lot behind United Bank and turned over to police.

2:15 pm.-A report of two suspicious men in the 1200 block of Harding Way East was investigated.

4:28 p.m.-An unruly juvenile was arrested at East Park.

6:38 .m.-A report of an unruly juvenile in the 500 block of Fifth Street was investigated.

8:22 p.m.-A report of two people in a white truck with masks on in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree was investigated.

8:24 p.m.-A non-injury accident was investigated in the 1500 block of Trachsel Place.

8:29 p.m.-A report of a breaking and entering of a residence in the 100 block of Portland Way was investigated.

9:05 p.m.-A report of suspicious people in the 200 block of South Market Street was investigated.

9:17 p.m.-A report of a suspicious person wearing a clown mask in the 100 block of Buehler Street was investigated.

11:02 p.m.-A report of a suspicious vehicle at Heise Park turned out to be people playing Pokemon Go.

Bucyrus Police

Sept. 27

10:32 a.m.-Officers assisted an elderly female in contacting a family member.

1:40 p.m.-The city street crew was notified of tree limbs that fell in the road in the 400 block of West Warren Street.

3:30 p.m.-Officers spoke to a person on station about a dispute they have with another party.

5:47 p.m.-A neighborhood dispute was mediated in the 500 block of South Poplar Street.

5:49 p.m.-A welfare check was made in the 900 block of Prospect Street.

7:41 p.m.-A two-vehicle non-injury crash was investigated at Sandusky Avenue and Crossroads Blvd.

7:45 p.m.-A report of a solicitor was investigated in the 400 block of Mader Drive.

7:56 p.m.-A report of harassing telephone calls was investigated at Pinewood Court.

8:08 p.m.-A report of a person trespassing on South East Street was investigated.

8:15 p.m.-One income tax summons was served.

10:17 p.m.-A report of loud music at Bucyrus Estates was unfounded.

10:35 p.m.-A report of a suspicious vehicle parked at Kentucky Fried Chicken was investigated.

Sept. 28

1204 a.m.-A report of a suspicious male in the 600 block of East Rensselaer Street was investigated.

1:04 a.m.-A citizen turned lost and found property over to an officer he found while walking home.

3:34 a.m.-Officers responded to a non-injury crash involving a parked vehicle in the 1000 block of South East Street. A citation was issued.

3:51 a.m.-A resident in the 700 block of South East Street reported finding an unknown object on his fence. It was found to be a hammock.

5:54 a.m.-A report of a barking dog in the area of South East and Nora Streets was due to activity in the area.

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