How many additional murders are acceptable to the GOP?


Just read the headlines and you will shake your head in disgust.

“Border Patrol Agents: Illegal Aliens Walking ‘Out the Front Door,’ ‘We Don’t Know Who We’re Releasing’

So, About Those Non-Violent Drug Offenders That President Obama Pardoned…

Gallup: Fear Of Crime, Violence Soars To 15-Year High, 53 percent ‘Worry A Great Deal’


Chicago’s grim murder trend blamed on light sentencing, misguided reforms

And last but now least… Senators close to ‘Willie Horton’ fix in criminal justice bill

The elevator synopsis of the above articles that have run in the past few days is this. We are releasing illegal aliens without doing any kind of check to even make certain they are not violent criminals. The people are under assault and cops are overwhelmed by recently released “non-violent” drug offenders — people who could nonetheless be a murder statistic waiting to happen. People are seeing an incredible rise in violent crime in towns ranging from Chicago and Minneapolis to smaller places like Hanford, California and they “worry a great deal” about crime. The liberal laboratory and Obama’s hometown of Chicago is in the grip of a murder spree after “reforming” the sentencing laws.

And, the GOP in Congress is moving closer to enacting the same kind of failed reduced sentences for drug kingpins that are causing havoc across the nation in those places that have tried them.

Shockingly, an unnamed Senate Republican aide told a Washington Examiner reporter, “You’re never going to eliminate the Willie Horton type of situation, the political ads aside, of somebody coming out [of prison] and committing a crime. It’s the nature of the human being. You’re never going to have 100 percent certainty, that’s never going to happen. But it would be a shame to just not ever do any sentencing reform, any criminal justice reform, because of that.”

News flash to all of the ivory tower Republican Senators and Congressmen: This exact sentiment that untold numbers of victims of violent crime are acceptable casualties on the altar of the leftist push to empty the prisons out of some misguided idea that leaving convicted criminals in jail is racist is insane.

And so in spite of a national spike in violent crime, the special snowflakes in the GOP congressional offices are kowtowing to Black Lives Matter rhetoric and accepting the premise that emptying the prisons is a civil rights issue no matter how many people of color will be killed as a direct result of that choice.

This isn’t theory, it is fact.

It is the norm for there to be a 77 percent recidivism rate amongst released prisoners, with 25 percent of those crimes being violent and nature.

So, let’s do the math. If you release 8,000 additional prisoners onto the streets through executive clemency as President Obama intends to do this year alone, and 77 percent turn back to crime that means 6,160 new criminals are causing havoc on the neighborhoods they have been unleashed on. Of those, 1,540 will commit violent crimes and most likely more than one. Sounds like a great idea, let’s put 1,500 potential rapists and murderers onto the streets and in some kind of upside down theory of justice. Of course, this is only a problem if you happen to be one of the thousands of predominantly African-American victims of this federally sanctioned crime spree.

On top of that, the GOP is helpfully trying to pass legislation that will open the doors for hundreds if not thousands more, “judicial approved” drug kingpins to hit the streets with their special talent for running large drug distribution networks. At a time when our nation is seeing a heroin epidemic and the Mexican cartels are running drugs north as fast as they can drive, what could go wrong?

It is guaranteed that the bi-partisan measure being pushed by Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) among others will result in more dead, innocent Americans. Even the GOP Senate staff pushing the legislation acknowledges it. The only question is how many victims will be deemed to be an acceptable sacrifice so Republicans can get their pictures taken with Van Jones at a Rose Garden bill signing ceremony?


Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

By Rick Manning

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