Area Girl Scout leader remembers fallen Danville police officer


A video posted on the Newark Police Department Facebook page from a Danville Girl Scout leader shared a memory of fallen Danville police officer Thomas Cottrell, who was killed last week.

Here’s what Jennifer Crow Shelton wrote on the post about her experience:

“This weekend, our tiny town of less than 1100 people lays to rest one of our six police officers. Officer Tom Cottrell was murdered in cold blood last Sunday night by some lowlife piece of garbage that was out ‘cop hunting’, simply because of the uniform he wore.

A little more than a year ago when I was a Girl Scout leader, Officer Tom volunteered to let our local K9 officer chew on him for a while for the amusement of our troop… And as you can see in this video, he was happy to oblige and they were most certainly amused.

May he hear these giggles every moment in his new Heavenly home. God bless his family, those he went home to every night, his biological family and his police family as well.”

You can watch the video here.



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