In any business, feedback from the community is a valuable tool.

It’s also true with us.

From the number of newspaper subscriptions we have to the number of people who view stories online to the number of people who like or share stories on social media, we value feedback from the community.

In addition, we like reading comments and see the value of creating a community forum where people can comment on our stories.

Do people always understand the stories and make accurate comments? We understand it doesn’t always happen.

But providing a source for community input is important.

If someone directly questions us or makes a comment directly to us, we’ll respond.

But we can’t respond to every general comment.

That’s where the community part of the conversation comes in.

If you don’t agree with a viewpoint made by someone making an online comment or believe

they don’t totally understand the issue, please respond.

That’s a great way of advancing the conversation.

And as always, if there is something that is offensive, let us know. Email me at and we’ll be happy to moderate if it’s something on a page that we have control over.

Pugh is the Group Content Editor for the Galion Inquirer, Bellville Star, Morrow County Sentinel and Knox County Citizen. You can reach him at and on Twitter at @pughcivitas.

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