Differing views on “trash” at Oktoberfest


I lived in Galion almost my whole life and have been to almost all the Oktoberfests.

I went up on Saturday this year and there were so many people!

But along with having so many people, there was trash everywhere.

The sidewalk trash cans were overflowing where people were setting trash on top or on the ground around the receptacles, especially over by the gazebo.

They estimated 20,000 people for the weekend.

I think they should have had bigger trash receptacles or had people go around on “trash patrol” changing them frequently. As I walked home that night, I noticed that trash was lingering out past the festival boundaries. I was sharing this with my husband and said it will take all night into the morning to clean all that trash up. But coming through town on Monday, I noticed rubbish in the gutters along Harding Way. So just putting in my two cents.

Have “Trash Police” or bigger or more trash cans in the future.

Have a good day!

Crystal Fields Johnson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ira Johnson, who has worked with Oktoberfest organizer Kent Gimbel for about 15 years, asked to respond to the above letter. His job is to keep the streets clean during the festival. Ira and Crystal are not related. His comments follow.

I was surprised to hear about Crystal’s comments.

I would have loved to have her with me on Saturday night as we cleaned following the festival, because we were done two hours earlier than normal due to the extra barrels, trash bags and help we had.

I put three barrels up at the gazebo Thursday afternoon and none of them were filled.

We had a “trash patrol” go around every single hour of the festival and pulled every single trash bag every hour, even if they were half full.

I wish Crystal was with us as we cleaned.


Ira Johnson

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