Crawford County property transfers – Sept. 1-15


The following property transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the first part of September:

Lowell G. and Deanna M. Assenheimer to Patricia A. Neff, Trustee of the Neff Family Revoc. Living Trust, Caldwell Road, Bucyrus, $15,200

Julie Dudley to Joey Holsinger, 538 S. Union St., Galion, $2,150

Christina N. House to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 428 Sherman St., Galion, $20,000

Alene E. Teynor, Trustee to Keith M. & Madalyn M. Teynor, 120 Brentwood St., Bucyrus, $270,000

The Estate of Jeanne E. Adams fka Stuckman to Steven J. Stuckman, 150 W. Beal Ave., Bucyrus, $75,000

Inland Property Solutions LLC to Codey E. and Jeanie Van Dever, 230 Erie St., Galion, $47,000

Steven D. and Sheri L. Young to Goldie J. Bradley, 1529 Marion Road, Bucyrus, $107,640

Bruce and Valeri Rush to Jerome Morasko, 1110 Fairview Ave., Galion, $130,000

Janis E. Yunker (Deceased) to Daniel J. Campbell, 861 Harding Way W., Galion, $30,800

Gertrude E. Norman to Steven D. Young and Sheri L. Young, 905 Nevada Road, Bucyrus, $142,000

Marie E. Thompson to Terry C. Botdorf, 5000 State Route 19, Galion, $75,000

Estate of Ida Rosemarie Sheidler to Christopher M. Butsko, 607 Rex Road, Bucyrus, $53,000

Christina M. Fox to Keith E. Kaufman and Christine Sue Kaufman, 1315 Marion Road, Bucyrus, $120,000

Franklin E. Bond to Conner J. Pirnstill, 567 South East St., Bucyrus, $27,000*

Roman Achberger to Spencer W. Perdue and Amanda L. Perdue, 4291 King Road, Bucyrus, $248,000

Alcinda G. Burns to Norman A. Miller and Susan M. Miller, 1260 Smith St., Galion, $40,000

David A. Burgin to Roman Achberger, 4291 King Road, Bucyrus, $225,000

Gary G. Flick & Deborah A. Flick to Donald R. & Sherry L. Conkel, 6180 Tracht Drive, Galion, $105,000

Robert J. VanBuren and Valerie VanBuren to Stacy A. Elson, 2581 Biddle Road, Crestline, $82,900

Julius Lee Wurm to Kenneth E Krebs, 6115 Crawford Huron Line Road, New Washington, $28,000

Gary and Reva Coldwell to Franklin D. Binion, 461 Third Ave., Galion, $2,900

Douglas A. Watts to Steven and Rebecca Hodges, 2182 State Route 19, Bucyrus, $123,000

Wendy B. Resh to EGBG Rent, LLC, 757 Maple Heights Drive, Galion, $33,000

David E. and Ethel S. Smith to Dustin R. Flynn, 365 East Payne, Galion, $1,000

Andrew T. Rush to Charles J. Rogers, 1014 Wingert St., Bucyrus, $83,000

Benjamen and Kris Eckert to Brandon P. and Tania Allen and James T Coleman, 509 N. Henry St., Crestline, $72,000

Billie Hale to Millsboro Investments, LLC, 376 W. Atwood St., Galion, $5,000

FC Bank to Timothy Stockmaster, 7224 State Route 19, Bloomville, $30,000

Michael David aka Michael D. and Shaunna Hurles to Casey R. Lloyd, 1641 Bucyrus-Nevada Road, Bucyrus, $124,900

Amy Gingery to Tiffany R. Jackson, 1414 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $48,500

John W. Hoffman to Dennis Jones, 5667 Monat Drive, Galion, $175,000

Wayne E. Brause to Jerry and Penny Nickelson, 830 South Spring St., Bucyrus, $65,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to Peoples Savings & Loan Company, 216-218-220 N Market St. Bucyrus, $6,000

Evelyn M. Rehm to Katie L. Rehm, 318 Charlotte St., Bucyrus, $32,063

Fishpaw Realty Holdings, Ltd to Michael Bailey and Nancy Loveland, 322 West Bucyrus St., Crestline, $16,500

John S. Rostash to LPP Mortgage Ltd, 723 High St., Bucyrus, $17,334

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure

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