Both sides posturing in electric rate issue


I am once again caught by above the fold headlines on the electric issue. Let me be clear – I’m tired of hearing about it. After reading the article, and reviewing the ‘Citizens for Galion’ Facebook page from top to bottom, I am left with thinking that Galion Counsel ‘Doth protest too much’ and that Roberta Wade and company like to stir the pot.

So I would like for both sides to answer several questions for me: Who selects the auditor? What and where does the criterion come from? What amount of over/under billing constitutes superfluous rounding errors where everyone can agree that there is not a problem? What if the amount is 1 million? Does that mean that both sides are wrong? Is the losing side willing to accept the auditors findings or will this go on forever? If Council and the State of Ohio are correct that there is nothing wrong is Roberta willing to resign? Will Citizens for Galion pay for the auditor? What if Citizens for Galion is correct? Who’s going to jail? How are refund checks going to be issued? What if the person or entity who overpaid is no longer alive, living in Galion, and/or cannot be tracked down, then what happens with their refund check?

In the end I am tired of both sides political posturing. $350/hour is going rate for a good/qualified Columbus attorney by the way. It is my sincere hope that in the end this is much ado about nothing and that both sides will look beyond daily squabbles and look toward long term goals for the future of Galion.

Chris Williams


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