Electric rate ballot issue signatures turned in


Citizens for Galion turned in signatures Monday at Galion City Hall for an initiative petition which calls for an independent audit of the city’s electric rate structure.

Group members turned in 362 signatures for the issue. Based on the last governor’s race in Ohio, 232 are needed.

“We wanted to do a ballot issue because we feel it would be quicker and cheaper than class action,” group member Roberta Wade said, adding that class action still remains an option that’s “on the table,”

The signatures will be kept in Auditor Brian Treisch’s office for ten days for public inspection before being turned over the Crawford County Board of Elections for verification, which lasts up to ten days.

Petition signers needed to be Galion residents and registered voters.

“We want to thank those who helped us circulate petitions,” Wade said.

The issue asserts that the city did not charge residents properly for electric rates between 2005-2012.

The group believes the amount is over $4 million, an amount that has been vocally rebutted by various city leaders. In addition, officials used 30 minutes of its last Council meeting to criticize the proposal.

If passed, the independent audit would determine if any overcharge exists and to determine what refund would be paid to electric rate users.

City officials declined additional comment on the matter Tuesday.

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