What’s the end game for the NFL?


A changing of the guard is occurring right now in the NFL. A new style of multi-threat quarterback is challenging the playbooks of the past, with offensive strategies that will look more groundbreaking than ever before. But according to coach Czonko Bezrski, Jr., author of the new book, The Future of Football, changes are coming off the field as well.

“Just look at the headlines,” Bezrski says. “From possibly the worst play call ever during Super Bowl XLIX, to Tom Brady’s ‘Deflate-gate’ scandal, to the Ray Rice case revealing the NFL’s lack of policty for domestic violence and assault. It’s time to revamp, revise and renew the culture of the game.”

Bezrski’s insights come from playing as a young gridiron star in Texas, then coaching his son’s team with his innovative offensive ideas. Now, an experienced journalist, he is revealing startling truths about the progression of the game today, and what needs to happen to protect it for the future.

In The Future of Football, Bezrski explores the changes needed for the game to maintain its excitement and integrity. From taking advantage of multi-threat playmakers by thinking outside the traditional playbook-box, to developing new plans for addressing violence-related issues off the field. This is a much needed wake-up call for America’s beloved sport, set in real life stories that will keep readers engaged and enthralled.

“Things haven’t been handled right,” says Bezrski. “Football is a rough and violent sport, and a strongly supported positive culture needs to be developed and managed.”

Through eye-opening anecdotes, his own football drama and trauma, and intriguing observations about the current state of the game, Bezrski covers the hottest topics:

Why there is much more to the “Deflate-gate” scandal than meets the eye.

The exciting trend underway in professional football, as multi-threat athletes continue to make their mark in challenging and expanding the traditional quarterback model and role.

How NFL owners could borrow from the rules of other professional sports like the NHL, NBA and FIFA to make American Football safer.

Why more than one multi-threat quarterback on the field at a time could give a team an advantage in winning a championship.

How football is a kid’s game first, and to protect the game’s future NFL leaders must do more about connecting at the youth level.

“The future of football hangs in the balance,” adds Bezrski. “Part on the field, part in the courtroom, part at the sports bar and part in living rooms of fans across the country. Here it comes, ready or not.”


Czonko Bezrski, Jr., (pseudonym), started his career in football as a running quarterback in Texas in grade school. After suffering serious early career injuries in high school, his love for the game was revived through coaching. Bezrski found success exploring innovative offensive sets and plays designed to eliminate the weaknesses of traditional drop-back pocket passers. He later became lead crime reporter for Maryland/Delaware State News, followed by his “Reality Check” column for The Mountain Jackpot in Colorado. A University of Texas at San Antonio alum in Marketing and Kinesiology, he now resides in Austin, Texas. The Future of Football is available for purchase on Amazon.

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