Crestline changes finance leadership


Gene Toy

CRESTLINE – The Crestline Village Council voted unanimously to make a change in the leadership of their finance committee during their meeting Monday evening.

Council president pro tem and finance committee chair Clayton Herold volunteered to relinquish his position as chair of the committee to Gene Toy.

“He has more experience than I do with the process of working with the state auditor from his time in Galion,” Herold said.

Toy said an audit will be conducted through the state auditor’s office in August of the village’s revenue and spending.

“For the past few years, there was borrowing from other funds to keep the general fund in the black and it is at a point where that can no longer be done. The county auditor’s office saw the issues that were happening and requested the state step in,” Toy said.

Toy, who accepted the appointment that was approved by council to become the new chair of the finance committee, said the possible outcomes of the state audit could be fiscal watch, fiscal caution or fiscal emergency.

Toy was the city manager of Galion for several years while the city was under fiscal emergency which it remains under today.

The first reading of a resolution to approve payment of 120 hours of additional compensation for Crestline Police Chief Joe Butler was put on hold but council did vote to appoint Aaron Hoptry as a full-time probationary fire fighter.

Council also approved ordinances to allow village administrator Marc Milliron to enter into an agreement with Kelstin, Inc. to perform the improvements to Oldfield and Coyer Roads, increasing appropriations in certain accounts and to execute an agreement with the Crestline Community Improvement Corporation authorizing the group to sell or lease certain real estate owned by the village that is no longer needed by the village.

An ordinance to establish a $50 charge for residents who refuse rescue and non-emergency ambulance services was also approved by council, although Fire Chief Mike Weisman voiced his disapproval.

“I don’t agree with the charge,” Weisman said.

Council approved the issue on a temporary basis and will review it in the future.


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