Galion Treasurer, citizens’ group call separate press conferences


Two press conferences have been called this week by groups who have been critical of the city administration.

On Thursday, a meeting has been called by Don Faulds, a former Galion Council President who now serves as a representative for the political committee, Citizens for Galion.

In a press release, Faulds said the group will unveil three separate ballot issues for November’s election. The meeting will be held in front of the city building (or at 632 East Church St. if it rains).

No specific issues were cited in the press release, but in the past, the group has said they planned to challenge the city’s electric rate structure, claiming residents weren’t appropriately charged for services.

Faulds mentioned that groups will start canvassing the city after Thursday’s conference to ask for signatures for the ballot issues.

Also, Galion Treasurer Paula Durbin asked to meet with reporters Tuesday morning at American Bail Bonds, 120 Harding Way East.

In her release, she mentioned she will address “several issues that continue to be discussed in the press and will present her position on this issues.”

No specific detail was given, but Durbin was critical of various Galion officials including Mayor Tom O’Leary and Auditor Brian Treisch during the last time she asked to meet with reporters.

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