Solutions to America’s problems


Reform disabled Social Security. Don’t ask the government to give you money every month if you are not truly disabled from making an income. You can receive it at age 62 or 66 like most other Americans. Reports of crooked attorneys, doctors and even judges abound when it comes to abusing the Social Security system.

Cut the corporate tax rate and give our lost jobs an incentive to come home.

Tax all imports from Mexico, China, Vietnam and other countries up to 20% to level the playing field. Corporations have gone to Mexico, China and other countries and are paying slave wages. Americans are buying cheaper products from other countries but we are sacrificing our own jobs and economy.

We must secure our nation. Put Americans to work building the wall between Mexico and us. Further, put Americans to work fixing and building new bridges in America.

Raise the gasoline tax. This is not a popular idea but even one to two cents a gallon could put a lot of people to work updating our highways.

Stop wasting money on Iraq. As we provide vehicles and weapons for Iraq we are merely feeding ISIS who take them away for their own use. We should provide weapons and support to the Turks. The Iraqi army has proven they cannot do the job.

Raise the minimum wage to $10. Ten dollars is not going to break anybody. The minimum wage is not the answer. More jobs that pay more money are what our country needs. However $10 an hour is not going to kill our country.

Utilize our own American energy. We must develop green energy but in the meantime we should use our oil, gas and coal. We have plenty of it and we need to be independent of the Middle East. Too much war has gone on over there because of oil. If we don’t need their oil then the lives of American soldiers could be spared.

We must continue to have a strong military. Take care of our Veterans, seniors on Social Security and continue to find better health solutions such as better prevention and care.

We should also stop killing each other. What does it say about us when more people have been killed in Chicago since 2001 than American soldiers in Afghanistan?

I know you feel helpless. Most Americans do. One thing you can do is to vote a new face into office. From local government to the White House we are desperate for help. Politicians who have only used their offices to become rich need to be voted out and released to the real world to experience what they have done to the country.

One more thing you can do is pray. We need the help of

God. You can still do that in America. However, we have allowed our government to take it out of the schools and government places. Don’t think for a minute that some people would not love to take that away from you altogether.


Glenn Mollette is an American columnist and is read in all fifty states. He is the author of eleven books. This column does not necessarily reflect the view of any organization, institution or this paper or media source.

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