Wind turbines: Trusted information, please

Misinformation vs. Disinformation. How to tell the difference.

Misinformation is false, misleading or out of context, where content is shared without an intent to deceive. An example of misinformation: Coronavirus pandemic. Claims of false Covid treatments. People died because of misinformation during the pandemic.

Disinformation is purposefully false, or misleading content shared with the intent to deceive and cause harm. An example of disinformation: Motivated by factors of political power or influence, desire to sow chaos and confusion and lastly by profit!! This type of fake information is often polarizing, incite anger and strong emotion.An example could be that industrial wind turbines claim that there is no health issues, or decline of property value, shadow flicker, noise or the number of bats and birds killed and more.

Currently, the old standby statement should someone disagree with an industrial wind turbine company is that you are misinformed, share old information and that you are a bully.

Far from the truth!

Finally, I believe that pictures, videos and accounts of people suffering from all over the United States and other countries that are living within the footprint of these monstrosities are all evidence that can not be denied! The current wind turbine company is here in Crawford County for the MONEY!!

Nothing more.

Gene & Sue Biglin

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