LaRose responds to court rulingEncourages Ohioans to vote in May 3 primary election

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued the following statement in response to the Ohio Supreme Court’s invalidation of state legislative districts:

“Ohioans should continue to cast their ballots on or before May 3 to ensure their voices are heard in this important primary election,” said LaRose. “The court’s latest ruling has no impact on that election at all, and contests for statewide, congressional, and local offices and issues will proceed as scheduled. This ruling only impacts state legislative and political party central committee contests, which have yet to be scheduled.”

Additionally, the majority opinion stated the following:

“It is unclear as to why August 2, 2022, is the last available date for a primary election in Ohio. We note that several states will have primary elections on August 16, 2022, or later, including four states that will have their primary elections in September.”