Donald Trump is not the problem

So I picked up The Galion Inquirer the other day and saw “Trump up close and ugly in Columbus.” This article goes on to trash Trump calling him vile and ugly, with a dictator ideology. Has this person been asleep for the past seven years?

You want to talk about vile, just look at the rhetoric our so-called Commander and Chief uses when talking about the American people.

The only president I’ve ever heard call American voters “enemies,” or state “if they bring a knife to the fight than we bring a gun”in reference to Republicans.

How many negative articles has The Galion Inquirer published about the abomination that now sits in our White House?

You want to talk about dictatorial? Lets look at the list of destruction unleashed on America by our former and current leaders Obamacare pushed through by lying to the American people which has turned into to a total disaster.

How about exploding the national department or sending millions of dollars to unions in the form of bailouts for the car industry and bailouts for the banks.Is that how the country works now? Government payoffs to some,others get audited by IRS if they aren’t on the lefts side. Remember Lady Liberty is blindfolded, well not anymore, prejudice is the new norm for our government. The government now picks the winners and losers.

If you are reading this did you get bailout money? I know I didn’t. I’m a small business owner, I have to make it on my own.

Do you think these are the actions of smart people? People actually try to defend these crooks. All of these actions are against the constitution. Funny how the left defends these policies while demonizing corporate businesses and successful people as if they are privileged, as if they haven’t earned their money. Do they think bailout money was earned?

I don’t see the Left complaining when then Democrats pass trillion dollar bills that only giant insurance companies and hospitals profit from. These people are the epitome of hypocrisy. As long as they get the stolen money, it’s fine.

How about real fairness? Remember the concept of all men are created equal or every person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How about the Constitution? Does it matter to anyone anymore?

How about sending $100 billion in tax dollars to the largest terrorist sponsor on earth Iran, you think that sounds like a good idea? You can’t make this stuff up. If you made a movie ten years ago with with the kind of stuff of this regime has pulled off, nobody would’ve believed it. In fact that’s about the only way they do get away with all this crap, there is no movie showing the Left’s brand of corruption.

The mainstream media does its best to hide every idiotic thing this administration does because as a recent poll just showed approximately 75 percent of journalists identify as Democrats.

Biased much? I’ll bet if you walked up to the average person on the street they wouldn’t even know Obama sent billions of THEIR tax payer money to a country who has funded the killing of their fathers, sons and daughters in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

How about racial tensions? You want to talk about ugly? We have a president who at every possible occasion smears our country as a bunch of racist, oppressors. Even using the podium at the United Nations to spew his hateful Ideology referencing a case in which the cop was later vindicated in court. Using the highest office to steer public opinion against police officers in high profile cases on multiple occasions.

You can’t get any lower than that. Wait never mind. I stand corrected.

Obama can stoop lower than that, how about the time Obama defended Islam after a pilot was burned to death by ISIS by attacking Christianity because you know 800 years ago Christians led the crusades. Unbelievable! This is our President?

Do you think bringing thousands of Islamic refugees into this country is a good move? Sounds pretty smart with all the ISIS terrorist attacks and this president has the gull to come out and says republicans are scared of widows and orphan refugees.

Wow, maybe he thinks everybody has believed his nonsense so far so lets see how ridiculous I can get before they catch on. How about this for some common sense?

If you believe in a religion that states that non believers of YOUR religion must be eliminated than guess what … YOU ARE DENIED.

Yes our country is the most charitable country on earth and we are a mixing pot but no, we do not have to commit immigration suicide. Its just wrong and everybody knows it except for the people in charge.

I’m not a huge fan of Trump but how can anyone with a brain not agree with his proclamation of “stupid people” running our country. Its about time somebody stands up against the envious, greedy, socialist and gangsters who are running this country into the ground.

John Smith