There was no justice for Lyle Roberts

There was no justice for Lyle Roberts

Dear Editor;

Who does the Crawford County prosecutor work for? The victim or the criminal?

My brother Lyle Roberts was needlessly killed by a driver (Corey Pierce) in February. Pierce was texting while driving, under the influence, had a suspended driver license, was driving a borrowed vehicle without insurance and was also charged with intimidating a witness.

The prosecutor made a deal with Pierce before Lyle’s family entered the court room. The family was never consulted regarding the agreement before the court appearance. The prosecutor stated that he didn’t want to take a chance at trial that perhaps Pierce would walk away without punishment.

It is obvious to anyone that a jury would unanimously agree that Pierce was indeed guilty. I could have tried this case and won. There is an eye witness who was with Pierce and gave her statement to the police that (Pierce) was texting when he went left of center and hit my brother head-on.

There are police reports that supported all of these charges.

The penalty for all of these crimes? Forty-eight months in prison and eligible for parole in 1 year. This is not justice; it is a slap in the face.

The prosecutor did not do his job. He took the easy way out and scored a win. And the judge allowed it to happen. Lyle was 56 years old. He had children, grandchildren and siblings. Lyle had a lot of life ahead of him and it was taken away by someone who showed no remorse and offered no apology.

This was not justice!

Dewane Roberts

Sunset Beach, North Carolina