Wake up America!

Wake up America

It’s time this country wakes up to who America’s worst enemy is. It isn’t so much ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban or any such terrorist group, but the Democratic party.

Democrats will never be satisfied until they turn the United States into the USSA (United Socialist States of America). Never before in our nation’s history has one political party promoted and endorsed such a damning agenda as the Democrats currently support. Their support for anything that would destroy our Republic is politics at its worst.

Anything supported or enacted by the previous administration, no matter how offensive, was perfectly OK by the Democrats. Anything promoted by our current president for the purpose of “Making America Great Again” is regarded as obscene and is to be vilified to the extreme. Democrats will unanimously defy and obstruct anything proposed by our president to elevate our nation to realizing its full potential. It is to be met with open defiance. This is also true of those RINO’s who share in this disastrous agenda.

We need to weed out these true enemies of our beloved nation. Remember this at election time and elect those who truly love the USA.

Let us never forget: “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD”.

Daniel A. Derfler