More oversight needed in city


Last Wednesday’s Inquirer contained a lengthy message from Thomas Palmer, the city’s law director. Mr. Palmer used a lot space and words which I believe could have been condensed to: “Don’t ask questions and don’t think for yourself. Just shut up and sign anything we put before you.”

Does that sound like a harsh interpretation of Mr. Palmer’s message? Allow me to remind you just how our city leaders speak. From the Inquirer came the following:

“I thought I (saw) every low-down dirty trick,” Watt said, talking about his experience on Galion City Council and the Crawford County Board of Commissioners. “But this tops them all.”

And also: “This is bush league in my opinion,” Councilman Jon Kleinknecht said.

Have we forgotten the cavalier attitude which, according to a state audit, was prevalent prior to our city being placed into fiscal emergency? Perhaps we would not have had to pay so much extra in our electric bills if someone had been demanding all documentation and procedures were in order back then.

John Smella

Galion, Ohio