Galion needs a change in leadership

Galion needs a change in leadership

Haven’t you had enough?

After four years of the worst kind of politics, aren’t you fed up with all the lies and terrible disrespect we get from the gang running our city?

They promised us better government, cheaper government, more honest government. But all we’ve gotten from them is trouble, fighting and incredible debt.

They promised us we’d get out of fiscal emergency before their first year in office was over. But after for years, they still can’t balance a budget for five years into the future.

They play favorites, and intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But with all the jobs they’ve created for their friends, and all the raises they’ve given themselves with our money, we are now a joke across the state. We used to be respected before this crew took over.

They’ve raised our electric rates. We used to have millions of dollars in the electric fund alone. It’s expensive when you have to pay employees who are supposed to be on unpaid leave.

They got their chance, but they’ve failed completely. Instead of being our public servants, they treat us like we’re their servants.

Are you tired of being taken advantage of? Can you afford more taxes?

Isn’t it time to get rid of these guys and put someone else in place?

Citizens, think of your children and grandchildren. We need jobs in Galion, and lots of them. If new businesses come to Galion, your kids can work and live in Galion.

Hotels just don’t make it. We need a good grocery in town. We need to build up the east end. They also are Galion residents.

We need better streets. We need lower electric bills, not higher bills.

Let’s get these people out of office.

Ken Bodkins has been in businesses for more than 50 years in Galion. Mr. Bodkins is getting my vote for mayor. He will turn Galion around.

Bud Moffett