Clinger’s Corner: Still enjoying the ride

By Chad Clinger - [email protected]

So, here we are folks! I am quickly approaching my 10-month mark here at the Galion Inquirer as the sports reporter. It seems like just yesterday I was being thrown into the mix to start football previews and coverage yet it’s now the middle of May and the end of the school and the athletics year is upon us!

I find myself sitting here at my kitchen table wondering what the remainder of the season will hold and also looking forward to the summer months. While most of the spring sports seasons have ended or will this coming week or two, the weather finally appears to be changing for the better. Many area baseball and softball teams are making deep postseason runs and soon it will be time for the inevitable coverage of the State Track and Field Championships, which I am beyond excited for. But, what’s after that for sports in the area? For that, I am reaching out to all of the readers…

The Galion Graders season will kickoff this year on Friday June 9 and the first home game will be played within Heise Park on the following Saturday. As many of you know, baseball is my favorite sport. I am incredibly excited to be covering the Graders this season and hope to give you better coverage then you have seen in the past. Having a team like the Graders in Galion should give the entire town a sense of pride, in my personal opinion.

But again, what else is this bearded gentleman to do from June until the beginning of August?

Keep me in the loop everyone! My goal is and always has been to bring light to the accomplishments of the kids of the area. Wrestling tournaments, AAU basketball tournaments, soccer, whatever, let me know what’s going on and I will do my best to highlight it! Open gyms for your teams? Tell me about it and I will attend! Competition doesn’t have an offseason and I don’t anticipate having one either.

Also, in non-sports related matters, if there are volunteer opportunities available, reach out to me by email, phone or social media. I want to help in any way that I can to bring the community together and make the area a better place to live and thrive in. If you are releasing your first ever album, coughEricBarnettcough, I want to attend the release. Note: Eric Barnett IS in fact releasing his first full-length album, “Shipwreck in a Bottle” on Friday June 23. Eighteen-o-three Taproom will be hosting the CD release party that day at 8pm and it’s FREE! Special guests for Eric’s special night are WolfCryer and Orie Rush. Head on out and enjoy some good music from a local artist and grab an Ohio craft beer or four!

Anyways, shall we talk a little sports? Sure, why not…I promise to keep it short and sweet!

I still despise the Golden State Warriors. I hate the New York Yankees but their retirement and tribute to the career of “The Captain” Derek Jeter was beautiful. I respect Jeter despite the fact that he wore the pinstripes. The Cavs, as of Monday morning, still don’t have an opponent for the Eastern Conference Finals. The Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards are playing game seven on Monday night…advantage or disadvantage with all of this rest? I suppose that only time will tell…

I am going to end this now. All of this talk about the future makes it difficult to think about overpaid professional athletes. Big things are upon our town, our community. Be a part of it and let me know how I can do the same, sports or otherwise. Also, sidebar…my buddy Jim Hager and I are starting a podcast in the very near future. This is a shameless plug for my outside of work venture. Stay tuned folks!

Another sidebar, I need to take a new photograph for this column

By Chad Clinger

[email protected]

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Follow Chad on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy

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