Clinger’s Corner: Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

By Chad Clinger - [email protected]

Well, well, well…I am happy to say that I have no problem being incorrect, this time. Anyone that reads this little column every week should already know what I am referring to, if not, don’t worry…you are about to hear all about it!


The Dr. Pepper National Championship game was played on Monday Jan. 9 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla. This game featured the Clemson Tigers as a 6.5 point underdog against the defending National Champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide. I don’t think that I need to remind everyone how Clemson got to that point in the season and I could care less about Alabama’s path. Anyways, my hatred for the Crimson Tide can be very misleading. I respect Nick Saban as a coach. Sure, he was terrible in the NFL with the Dolphins but nobody can deny his college football work, especially when it comes to Alabama.

Enough of the introduction, let’s get down to the good news! The Clemson Tigers are the National Champions and what a game it was! I was watching with little hope from the start of the second quarter. Alabama was already up 7-0 on the Tigers, great. But, Deshaun Watson played the second half like a man possessed! After all, the guy was the offensive MVP of the game, going 36/56 for 420 yards and 3 TD without an interception, oh and he ran for a TD.

The Alabama defense allowed Clemson 99 plays equating to 511 total yards…that’s what I call catching them slippin’. Oh, and allowed 3 TD in the fourth quarter…Yet, there will be Tide fans that want to blame blown calls, Bo Scarbrough’s injury or referee Mike Defee’s massive arms. C’mon ‘Bama fans, I know that even you aren’t that petty. You’re team fell apart defensively…they were worn down and Clemson flat-out out-played y’all…

Congratulations Clemson, you played like champions and you earned it!


Wildcard weekend has come and gone. It was an alright weekend, I suppose. I mean, I was lightweight entertained for the Green Bay and New York game. Anyways, here’s some results, some thoughts and some predictions.

Just a side note, all No.5 & 6 seeds have been eliminated…big surprise!

No. 3 seed Pittsburgh Steelers had no issues with the No. 6 Miami Dolphins, 30-12

The “Killer B’s” a.k.a. Ben Rothlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell scorched Miami and are playing very good, hard-nosed football.

No. 4 seed, the Houston Texans defeated the No. 5 seed Oakland Raiders, 27-14

Both teams are terrible offensively. Houston’s defense is no slouch but this game was over before it started. The Raiders’ Super Bowl dreams went down when Derek Carr did and the Texans are only in the playoffs because their division is trash.

The No. 3 Seattle Seahawks had no trouble with the No. 6 Detroit Lions, winning 26-6.

I loathe the Seahawks and the Lions had a tremendous run just to burn out AND fade away. Also, I despise Seattle.

The hottest team in football, the No. 4 seed Green Bay Packers laid down a thumping over the No. 5 New York football Giants, 38-13.

I am not a cheesehead in any sense of the word but seven wins in a row, to run the table, to win a division title and to now move on to the divisional round?! Aaron Rodgers is out of his mind right now and the Dallas Cowboys should worry, at least a little bit. Odell, enjoy Miami now…

This weekend will feature some, hopefully, very exciting action! Here’s the matchups and what I think (because you know that you are intrigued).

Seattle will play the No. 2 seed Atlanta Falcons on Sat. Jan. 14 at 4:35 pm at the Georgia Dome.

Atlanta had a bye last week and has the highest scoring offense in the history of ever. Seattle is known for their defense but I don’t care…Atlanta by 13.

Houston has the unfortunate task of playing the No. 1 seed and best record in football having, New England Patriots. The game is to be played in Foxborough, at 8:15 at night, in January (14th).

Not only is it going to not be close, New England will prove their dominance and win, over a tough defense, by 17 points.

On Sunday Jan. 15, the Steelers hit the road to take on No. 2 seed, the Kansas City Chiefs at 1:05 pm.

This game should be an old-fashioned slug fest. Pittsburgh is playing scary, good football and will edge KC by 7 points.

And the final game of the Divisional Round will pit the Packers at the No. 1 seed Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Jan. 15 at 4:40 pm.

Clear your schedules folks because this game will be the best game of the playoffs, Super Bowl included. Dallas was nearly invincible all year and Green Bay is playing untouchable right now. It is veteran QB (Rodgers) vs rookie QB (Prescott) and a matchup that I hoped would happen. I would love to say that I get this prediction right but who cares? I say Packers by a field goal!


Again, I am not going to waste your time and mine with the Associated Press rankings. There was only really one shake-up to report. The previously undefeated, reigning National Champion, Villanova Wildcats fell last week to the now No. 12 Butler Bulldogs, 66-58. The Baylor Bears are now the No. 1 team in men’s college basketball.

Now that that is out of the way, I can also inform you that I am not going to be doing an NBA section this week.

Instead, let’s just take a brieft moment to recognize greatness. Geno Auriemma, the head coach of the storied University of Connecticut women’s basketball team has his squad on the brink of greatness yet again. I know that I keep everyone informed every week of the UCONN winning streak. It goes unnoticed by most, unfortunately because not only is it a college sport but it’s women’s basketball. I think that is bogus! Real needs to recognize real and realize that this guy is a coaching legend and his team’s are, by far, better than pretty much any team that you could put on a court against them. Anyways, this is the week folks! On Tuesday night, the UCONN Huskies will play the University of South Florida. When the Huskies win, it will tie their record for longest winning streak in sporting history at 90 games in-a-row. But, with the upcoming UCONN schedule, they could realistically go on to upwards of 95 games before receiving any sort of a challenge. Good luck Lady Huskies!

Just to recap this week’s ramblings: Alabama lost, Clemson won the National Championship, I hope that the Falcons end the Seahawks, professional football is going to be fun this weekend, ‘Nova was upset and the UCONN Lady Huskies are better than anyone…

By Chad Clinger

[email protected]

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Find Chad on Twitter @GalionSportsGuy

Reach Chad at 419-468-1117 x2048