Extemporaneous writing’s a necessity

Russ Kent Galion Inquirer Editor

Russ Kent Galion Inquirer Editor

It doesn’t happen often, but I’m searching this morning for a topic or two to write about.

So let’s see what the result is as I type whatever pops into my head for the next 30 minutes or so.

First, the Crawford County Fair opens Sunday. Look for a special insert in today’s Inquirer. It includes a schedule and some interesting articles, especially a great story about Michael Hoepf, who has been involved with the county fair for more than 40 years. It’s a good read.

OK, what else?

I do know this, there are some positive changes happening in uptown Galion right now.

A new insurance-related business is opening. It’s called One United, started by Scott Gifford. More details will appear soon in the pages of the Galion Inquirer and on GalionInquirer.com.

Across the street from One United is a store called The Topia Boutique. It’s not exactly new, but newish. Formerly called Couture Topia Boutique, it was purchased by Donnetta Lester, Amanda Wiggins and Melissa Cornwell. They’ve made a few changes, spruced up the place, and plan to have more consistent business hours. Look for a story about that venture soon, as well in the Inquirer.

Also ,the 1803 Taproom on Harding Way East unveiled it’s outdoor, street-facing patio this week. The business is the first in the uptown area to take advantage of new legislation allowing the outdoor consumption of alcohol at downtown establishments, as long as the city’s rules are being followed.

There is progress being made on the hotel at the intersection of Brandt Road and Ohio 598. If you drive past that site daily, you’ll see what is going on. There remains hope for an opening in a few months. However, the Inquirer is trying to dig into an issue that concerns the water quality of Jefferson Township residents in the area who use well water. Those issues may be tied to hotel construction. Another meeting of Jefferson Township trustees to discuss the issue is scheduled July 25.

The splash park play area at East Park has been a huge hit with area residents.

The Lincoln Highway Buy Way sale is coming up. And there are spots available at a huge site being operated the Galion Historical Society and Friends of the Galion Depot. If you’ve got something to sell, you can lease a spot on the old Galion Middle School grounds. The Buy Way sale features thousands of bargain hunters out and about Aug. 12 and Aug. 13. If you need more information on getting a spot to sell your stuff, call the historical society at 419-468-9338 or Dave Moore at 419-462-5035.

Thus far, two Galion youth baseball teams have qualified for the state tournament. Galion’s 12U team begins play this weekend in Boardman. Galion’s 10U team starts it’s tournament next Saturday in Dover. The kids would love some support.

I don’t know about you, but I’m readiy for a good soaking rain. At least where I live in Galion, we escaped the rain our neighbors received on two nights this week. It’s dry, dry, dry where I live. The grass turns more brown by the day. I’m also tired of the humidity, but mostly because I’m too cheap to turn on the air conditioner.

The fall sports season is drawing ever closer. I can hear and see the athletes doing some drilling and conditioning at Heise Park. I love that many of them are running the steps at the stadium. That’s something I did when I was in high school, and something I hated. I’m enjoying the sharing of the pain.

In my personal life — since you asked — my big baby, white pitbull continues to make me laugh. She found a stick over at Heise Park. Beatrix is not a huge dog, but this stick is 3-feet long and it is hilarious to watch her trying to balance that thing in her mouth as she prances back and forth from the park to my back door to the neighbors .. and over and over again. But I do wish she would sleep in a little later each morning. These 4:30 a.m. walks the last three days are getting tiresome.

Oh, and the sick cat I’m caring for gets a better each day. We are trying to slowly wean it off the neck tube we’ve been using to feed him the last 3 weeks. And, as I have to keep him away from Beatrix and my two cats, he has been locked in a good size bathroom for those three weeks. Hopefully, in a couple weeks, he’ll be eating regular cat food. I know he’s sick of that bathroom, and I’d kind of enjoy not having him in there, too.

I received several responses on my recent column about Galion. I asked readers what they liked or hated about Galion and what they’d like to see change here. I’ll have a follow-up. But for the most part, people are still pretty proud of their hometown. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than a lot of places.

Well, not too bad for a guy with nothing to say. Have a good weekend!

Russ Kent Galion Inquirer Editor
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Russ Kent is the editor of the Galion Inquirer. If you have a story idea, a thought, a complaint or something else to chat about, email him at rkent@civitasmedia.com.

Russ Kent is the editor of the Galion Inquirer. If you have a story idea, a thought, a complaint or something else to chat about, email him at rkent@civitasmedia.com.