Beautifying Bucyrus

Staff report

Bucyrus City Law Director Rob Ratliff kicked off the 2016 campaign to beautify Bucyrus with a press release on Friday.

Ratliff, in conjunction with the Bucyrus Code Enforcement Officer John Rostash, the Bucyrus Branch of the Guardian Angels and Clady’s Wallpaper and Paint, is working to eliminate blighted properties across the city. are pleased to announce the “Beautify Bucyrus 2016 Campaign”.

“Dilapidated properties and the spiral of blight they create has always been a top priority of my office. We cannot surround our children with blighted properties and then wonder why our children don’t have higher expectations for themselves,” said Ratliff.

According to Ratliff, this spring, city code enforcement personnel will review blighted properties for those that are structurally sound, but in need of exterior maintenance. Notice of violations of the city’s Property Maintenance Code will be sent and violations will be enforced. Properties with structural defect will continue to see demolition or repair notices and even criminal charges.

“We recognize that some of our citizens are elderly or simply cannot afford the cost of painting, that is why we are proud of our local community partner’s the Guardian Angels and Clady’s Wallpaper and Paint, who have stepped up to help.” Ratliff said.

The Code Enforcement Office and the Guardian Angels will maintain a list of people who have requested help painting their house. Clady’s and the Law Director’s Office will serve as a point where citizens may donate paint, materials, supplies or even their time or money to help their fellow citizens.

Ratliff said, “The success of this program depends on all of us, either individually or groups, to desire to make our community look better by taking on the challenge of helping our neighbors to “Beautify Bucyrus.”

Ratliff said if you represent a civic, church, neighborhood watch, family, or any other group and would like to help “Beautify Bucyrus” by painting a house, please contact the Guardian Angels at (419) 310-4862.If you are a homeowner, living in your house that has received a paint violation notice, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer John Rostash, or the Guardian Angels to be placed on a list seeking painting assistance. Or, Paint Your House!

Homeowners that currently live in their home and have received a paint violation notice should contact the Guardian Angels or John Rostash at 419-562-6767, ext. 226 to be placed on a list seeking painting assistance. The law director can be reached at 419-562-6767, ext. 237.

Staff report