Husband and wife team create true crime podcast


GALION- Lehman’s Terms team Sara and Adam Lehman are proud to announce the release of their first podcast: Township Falls ( Narrative driven, the first season of the podcast follows the tragic and strange story of the double murders and dismemberments of two Hocking Hills, Ohio teenagers in 1982. This account focuses on the botched investigation, possible occult involvement, and a communities loss of life and innocence. This podcast is geared toward fans of true crime, history and mysteries.

The most recent episode examines the theory that a satanic cult or a coven of witches killed the teens. The Lehman’s have published three episodes of the nine-arc story thus far.

Fans of the Podcast can contact Lehman’s Terms at [email protected] via email or (419) 777-1147 to provide feedback and share stories and experiences of the area surrounding Logan, Ohio.

The Township Falls podcast is available wherever you get your Podcasts!

Sara and Adam Lehman are natives to the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Storytellers at heart, the Husband and Wife duo experienced the events as they unfolded in this story. They reside in Crawford County, Ohio with their two children and pets.