June 22

A drunk driver was reported on Portland Way North. After investigating, it was determined a health issue.

There was a loud party on Grand Street in the late hours of the night. Officers gathered information for a report.

June 23

A stumbling male was reported on North Market Street but was unable to be located.

After a non-injury accident a male was cited for failure to yield. This happened near Speedway on Portland Way North.

June 24

Two people were given a warning for disorderly conduct on Grove Avenue. The male was given a trespassing warning.

Tubby’s Pizza reported that someone was dumping a significant amount of trash in their dumpster.

A domestic dispute was reported on Harding Way East. There were warnings given to both individuals.

June 24

A woman was given a warning for driving under suspension. She provided paperwork of her driving privileges.

There was a phone reported stolen on Libby Lane. It was found in possession of a male who thought he knew who it belonged to.

There was a hit/skip reported on Harding Way West.

There was a fight reported on South Washington Street, information was gathered on the incident.

A male was arrested on West Summit Street after a domestic dispute.

June 26

There was a report of shots fired on Harding Way East. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the shots.

A person was cited for failure to control after a non-injury accident on Portland Way North.

A woman reported her boyfriend left her and her two kids stranded in a vehicle. The incident took place on Crawford-Morrow County Line Road. The Officer issued a verbal warning to the male.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.